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Welcome to Plant-Based Mavens!

your headquarters for HEART-centered plant-based nutrition and lifestyle for women

Whether you’re looking for evidence-based information on plant-based fertility, plant-based pregnancy and postpartum, nutrition basics for women’s health, intuitive eating and non-diet approaches, or yummy (and easy!) plant-based recipes with women’s health in mind, then you’re in the right place. Oh, and PBM is a place where we talk about your whole health - relationships, sleep, stress, movement. I'm so glad you're here!

PBM was born from a big problem - the disappointing lack of women-centered information on plant-based nutrition and lifestyle. At PBM, we believe that you deserve health information that is evidence-based, free from diet culture, and takes all of you into consideration - your mind, body, and spirit, as well as your social, emotional, and cultural circumstances.

Have you ever tried to search for an answer to a women’s health question and felt like you walked away with even more questions than you started with? You’re not alone. Navigating the noise in the plant-based nutrition and women’s health spaces is exhausting and frustrating. That’s why we do all the research for you and empower you with answers that are easy to understand and, most importantly, easy to implement into your busy life. 

If you walk away from PBM each day feeling more empowered, informed, and at ease about your health and wellness than you did the day before, then we’ve done our job. 

PBM was born from a big problem... 

You, my friend, are magic. Your body, mind, and spirit are FILLED with wisdom and knowing. So, although we follow the evidence at PBM, we also trust traditional wisdom and your innate wisdom. Not sure how all that blends together? Don't worry - we've got you! Stick around and we'll teach you how to live in a way that's grounded in research and in your own truth.

The best part about PBM? It's not just about nutrition (nowhere near it!). You are an incredible, magical, complex being, and alllll of you should be part of your self-care. Curious about how to manage your stress? We've got you. Want to build stronger, healthier relationships? We've got you. Do you need help healing from dieting and poor body image? We've got you. Want to understand how toxins might be impacting your health and what safer products you should buy? You guessed it - we've got you.

Caring for yourself should feel fun, empowering, and magical.

What if your BFF who you feel completely safe with, laugh all night with, and turn to for advice was also an expert in women's health, nutrition, and natural living? How amazing would that be?! Well, PBM is your new expert BFF.

What do we mean by

We've all heard this term, but what the heck does it actually mean? At PBM, plant-based means EVERYBODY. Period.

We welcome all plant eaters, no matter where you fall on the plant-based spectrum. Whether you eat 100% vegan, Whole Food Plant-based (WFPB), vegetarian, Mediterranean, or you’re simply plant-curious, we’re so glad you’re here. 

While almost every major health organization agrees that eating more plants is good for everyone, what that looks like for you and your family will depend on countless factors. We're here to support you in whatever type of “plant-based” lifestyle feels right for you.

Because food is only one part of a woman’s wellness equation, PBM also shares an abundance of information on other areas like sleep, stress, mental health, exercise, and low-toxin living. When we do talk food, we use an intuitive eating and non-diet lens. 

I’m so glad you’re here! Plant-based Mavens was created by me, a registered dietitian and women’s health expert. I’ve been teaching and coaching women like you for over a decade in the field of plant-based nutrition. And there’s no experience quite like personal experience! I’ve been a plant-eating woman for nearly 15 years. Women’s health is my heart’s work. I speak at conferences, teach courses, and have even co-authored a medical textbook on women’s health, so you are in good hands!

The truth is, I make things for us. As a plant-based dietitian and plant-eating woman, I grew increasingly frustrated by the absence of woman-centered resources in the plant-based nutrition and wellness worlds. What about our hormones and menstrual cycles? Are things like intermittent fasting actually safe for women? And why wasn't anyone talking about how stress, dieting, and environmental toxins impact women differently?

I wanted myself and my clients to have modern, empowering, and trustworthy women’s health resources at their fingertips. I wanted us to have information that considers our unique needs and experiences as women, and weaves in the magic and wisdom of traditional practices and intuition. I wanted us to have a place to go to get our questions answered. And so, Plant-based Mavens was born. 

To bring you the most trustworthy, evidence-based women’s health information, I draw on my extensive training in the areas of nutrition, intuitive eating, natural foods cooking, hormone health, and lifestyle medicine. Everything I share here is information I’d feel good about sharing with my mom, my sister, my best friend, my clients, and myself. 

When I'm not cooking up more ways to help you step in to your highest self, you can find me playing in mountains of my home state of Colorado, trying out new skincare products (I have an obsession), or traveling the country with my hubby and cat in our Airstream.

Hi, I'm Kayli!

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