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8 holistic and natural pregnancy essentials every plant-based mom needs

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When I first became pregnant, I dove deep into researching the true pregnancy essentials that I would need over the coming months. I knew I wanted to set myself up for a healthy, natural pregnancy, but I also knew that I wanted to stick to my minimalist values and avoid collecting a bunch of things I didn’t need. I looked for natural pregnancy essentials that were free of harmful chemicals and toxins, would support my body in staying healthy throughout pregnancy, and aligned with my plant-based lifestyle. Here are my top eight pregnancy essentials that I used most often and that totally delivered on helping me have a holistic and natural pregnancy. 

Top 8 Must-have Natural Pregnancy Essentials

If you’re preparing for a holistic, natural pregnancy, then these eight items should be on your must-have list! They’ll help you stay healthy and feeling well over the next nine months. 

Check out the PBM ultimate guide to a healthy plant-based pregnancy!

Plant-based Prenatal Multivitamin

Starting to take a prenatal multivitamin as soon as you find out you’re pregnant (or even earlier!) is a must. Across the board, a prenatal multivitamin is recommended for all pregnant women. While you might love the idea of meeting all your needs with real food, the fact is that modern life makes that challenging for most women. A prenatal does not take the place of a healthy, nourishing diet, but the right prenatal provides important insurance. Many women enter pregnancy already depleted in key nutrients and symptoms like morning sickness and fatigue can make it harder to fit in all the nourishment you need.

Choosing the right prenatal supplement can be confusing. If you want help, grab the free PBM Prenatal Supplement Guide.

Supportive Pillow

Restorative sleep is so important during pregnancy. After all, you’re growing a little human! As your body grows and changes, it can get harder and harder to get comfortable at night. Also, you’re limited to sleeping on your side (preferably your left side), so if you’re a back or belly sleeper, getting into a comfy position is even tougher. A supportive body pillow designed for pregnancy helps you sleep comfortably on your side. It also keeps your hips, knees, and ankles in a supportive position which can help limit aches and pains. I loved this pillow because it provides support on both sides. This means you can flip over during the night without having to rearrange pillows. I also sometimes used the backside for back support. The cover is removable and machine washable too.

Natural Belly Salve

From itching to stretching, the skin on your belly, breasts, and hips is going to need some extra love during pregnancy! Many popular lotions and stretch mark creams contain petroleum, parabens, artificial fragrances, and other ingredients that are dangerous for you and your baby. The Motherlove Pregnant Belly Salve is my top pick for a natural belly butter. It’s made from natural, non-toxic ingredients including skin-soothing organic herbs. Create a nighttime or post-shower ritual of rubbing this salve on your skin. The salve contains beeswax, so if you’re looking for a vegan option try Motherlove’s Pregnant Belly Oil. I used and loved both during my pregnancy!

Pregnancy Safe Skincare and Makeup

Keeping you and your baby safe and healthy is probably one of your top priorities, so safer body care, skincare, and makeup products are definitely natural pregnancy essentials. The skin is our largest organ, and what you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body. Many of these products contain harmful chemicals that can put you and your baby at higher risk for certain health issues. Swap out questionable products for safer ones that you can feel good about spreading on your body! Use the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database to look up the products you already have. It will give them a rating. 

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If you want help choosing safer products, I made this list for you. My top pregnancy-safe products recommendations

Natural Nausea Remedies

Morning sickness is a reality for many women during pregnancy, but how do you cope with it naturally? Luckily, there are many natural remedies to nausea during pregnancy. 


Ginger is a classic nausea remedy. Try drinking ginger tea or sucking on ginger chews.


Mint also helps settle an upset stomach. Try mint tea or mint hard candies. 

Acupressure Bands 

Certain acupressure points can help ease nausea. Try acupressure wristbands. These really helped me during the first trimester!

Steady Blood Sugar

Dips in blood sugar can trigger nausea. Keep blood sugar steady by eating regular small, frequent meals. Many women wake up with low blood sugar during pregnancy which sparks queasiness, so eat a small snack before bed and keep a snack by your bedside in case you wake up during the night or in the morning feeling hungry.

Pregnancy Tea

While it’s important to do your research before using herbs during pregnancy, certain herbs can be really nourishing. Some provide essential minerals and others help to prepare the uterus for birth. This Third Trimester Tea provides a little of both – mineral-rich herbs and red raspberry leaf to help tone the uterus.

Ina May’s Guide To Childbirth

Reading positive natural childbirth stories can be really helpful as you prepare for birth. Ina May Gaskin, the godmother of natural birth, offers many stories as well as sage advice in her book. I read one story from this book almost every morning throughout the last few months of pregnancy. It will help you approach birth with a positive, empowered mindset.

The Plant-based Pregnancy Course

Eating a plant-predominant diet during pregnancy is a cornerstone of holistic, natural pregnancy. But how do you make sure you’re getting everything you need? The PBM Plant-based Pregnancy Course covers all the basics of pregnancy nutrition, how to build nourishing meals during pregnancy, and what supplements to take. It also takes you through each trimester, giving natural remedies for common symptoms and mind-body practices to incorporate at each stage. It’s your ultimate guide to a healthy, natural pregnancy

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