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The Proven Food-First Fertility Plan For Getting To Baby with Dr. Angela Thyer and Judy Simon, RDN

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Food has a powerful effect on fertility for both women and men. In this episode, I interview fertility experts Angela Thyer, MD and Judy Simon, RDN about all things nutrition and fertility. Angela and Judy have decades of experience supporting people struggling to conceive, and they’ve wrapped their incredible clinical and culinary wisdom into a brand new book, Getting To Baby: A Food-First Fertility Plan to Improve Your Odds and Shorten Your Time to Pregnancy. It’s an essential read for anyone on their fertility journey. And this episode is an essential listen!

About Angela Thyer

Angela Thyer, MD is board certified in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, Ob/Gyn and Lifestyle Medicine. She was on the faculty at the University of Washington for a few years and then became one of the founding partners of Seattle Reproductive Medicine where she and Judy Simon created the Food for Fertility program in 2012.

Angela was named Top Doctor for five years. She is also a talented chef with culinary training through the Culinary Coaching Program at the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine at Harvard. 

About Judy Simon

Judy Simon, MS,RDN, CD, CHES is an award winning registered dietitian nutritionist who specializes in reproductive health. She is the founder of Mind Body Nutrition, PLLC and a clinical instructor at the University of Washington. Judy’s expertise includes fertility,  PCOS, eating disorders, weight inclusive medicine and reproductive health. 

Judy has held leadership roles in the American Society of Reproductive Medicine Nutrition Special Interest Group and is a Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 

Judy integrates mindfulness, intuitive eating, eating competence, while taking a non-judgmental, inclusive down approach to help people have healthier, more fertile lives. 

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

03:11 | Meet Angela and Judy
05:30 | Inside the famous Food For Fertility classes
12:00 | The Food-first Fertility Plan
15:23 | The protein flip
22:38 | What foods get in the way of fertility
23:58 | Supplements
30:45 | How long does it take to boost fertility? + Male fertility
35:23 | Busting fertility nutrition myths – gluten, soy, weight, and more
50:20 | Other things that boost fertility
53:35 | How to connect with Angela and Judy & buy their new book

Links mentioned in this episode:

Get the book: Getting To Baby

Judy’s website

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Judy on Instagram

Angela’s website

Angela on Instagram

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